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We are experts in chicken, duck, turkey, broiler and hen processing from slaughter to packing. Supplying high quality, used poultry processing equipment, slaughterhouses, waste water treatment and rendering plants. Live bird intake, slaughter, EV/evisceration, chill, cut-up, deboning, further processing and packaging knowledge.

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We are the world'¬ôs most active buyer and reseller of abattoirs and slaughter plants with Stork, Meyn, Linco, Foodmate, Baader, Marel, GEA/CFS and Multivac poultry machinery. Many of the worlds leading poultry and chicken processors trust us to buy, sell and engineer machinery.

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Our experienced team of poultry machinery engineers, chicken factory managers, food sector accountants and processing experts operate internationally. We are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful regardless of your location.


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PoultryMachinery.com specialises in used poultry processing equipment and refurbished / reconditioned poultry slaughter, killing, plucking, defeathering, evisceration, chilling, cut-up, further processing and packaging machinery. Offal harvesting is also a growing area of our business as are effluent treatment plants / waste water treatment plants.

Supplying the poultry processor with quality second hand machinery by Marel, Meyn, Stork Food Systems, Systemate, Numafa, Anglia Autoflow, Poss, Linco, Bayle, Foodmate, Johnson and Baader.

"A real alternative to new equipment..."

The Complete Poultry Processing System

Live birds enter the system via Anglia Autoflow intake systems or Marel Storks live bird handling system, within a few minutes of being loaded onto shackles in the loading area the birds have passed through a stunning bath and are killed either by machines or by hand in a more traditional "halal" method. The carcass is then dipped in a scald tank e.g mega jet steam scalder, which helps to loosen the feathers before they are removed using a mechanical plucking machine / defeathering machine with revolving rubber fingers. Eviscerating machinery then removes the intestines and internal organs before the carcasses are carried through an air blast or water chiller (spin chiller), sometimes known as immersion spin chilling.

While some are retained as whole oven ready birds, more and more are being cut into portions or deboned to meet the demands of consumers for convenience and value for money. Chicken kievs, chicken nuggets, chicken goujons, breaded products, ready meals and similar poultry meat products have become increasingly popular over recent years and these further processed products can also be manufactured in the poultry processing plant.

We can supply complete poultry processing lines including stunner, killer, eviscerator, plucker, ACM cut up system, thigh / drumstick deboner, breast deboner, tenderiser and spinchiller for the killing and processing of hens, poussin, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys and broilers.

Providing the poultry processing industry with well know brand name machinery such as Fomaco - meat injectors and tenderisers, complete deboning lines, Marel - sorting and grading conveyors and intelligent portioners, Baader and Sepamatic - meat and bone separator, filleting machine, Steen - poultry skinner, Heat and Control - ovens, Formax - value added machinery, and then portion control, weighing and packaging machinery by Sortaweigh, Scanvaegt, Sandiacre and Ishida, Yamato, Ilapak, Waldyssa, Omori, Packaging Automation (P. A), Mondini and Sealpac etc.

Stork Nuova, Stork Nu-Tech, Stork AeroScalder, Immersion Scalder, Meyn JetStream Scalder, Meyn Maestro, Stork AMF-BX, Meyn Compact cut up systems, Proflex cut-up, Food Service cut-up, transfer machine, rehanger, Stork Puresine, AMF-BX Flexcontrol, Innova, Nijhaus, MPS, MPS Aqua, TopKip, Marel StorkPure Sine Stunner, Stork Multiphase CAS (Controlled Atmosphere Stunning). Marel Townsend Further Processing, Meijn, Meyn, JM Poultry, British Poultry Machinery, English Poultry Machinery, Machinery from England, RoboBatcher Flex, Stork ACM-NT, Meyn Multistage Co2 stunning, Robobatcher, Meyn Physic HS Cut up line, Rapid HQ breast deboner, Foodmate Poultry Processing Systems, Opti-Ltd, Anatomical Whole Legs, Opti-thigh Deboner, Defeathering, Maxima, Breast Cap Deboner, De-Skinner, Compact cut-up, Invision Camera Grading, Opti XL Leg processor, Flex line, Cone line, PureSine.

Marel purchased Stork Food Systems in 2008 bringing Stork Poultry Processing and Townsend further processing under the Marel Food Systems banner, alongside Dantech, Scanvaegt, AEW Delford and Thurne. Stork's RevoPortioner, RevoFormer, PlateFormer, and THV formers offer accurate meat portioning for all formed chicken, turkey and beef shapes. RotoCrumb and SuperFlex breading machines are great for specialist crumb applications. Stork / Marel manufacture continuous fryers such as GoldFryer and ValueFryer which compete against similar GEA / CFS / Koppens Fryers and those made by JBT/Stein.

We are supplying USE poultry machinery in the UK, Europe, Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Central America, North America, Scandinavia, Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

We are Slaughtering / Slaughterhouse experts, with years of experience in processing and factory set up. We also supply refrigeration and cooling equipment and packing machinery.